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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: you are watching "france 24," live around the world. i am genie godula. these are the headlines. and turkey moved closer to a breakthrough on the migrant crisis. key points include the return of all new migrants crossing from and the resettling of syrian refugees on a one-to-one basis. two years to the day after flight mh370 went missing without a trace, the victims'
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families are facing a deadline on whether to settle or sue. it is march 8, international women's day. events are being held around the world to honor women and the struggles they face every day. those struggles range from the serious to what some might call the silly, but they are still struggles all the same. we will add a closer look at what is called africa's version of "sex and the city," and online phenomena that is breaking down barriers in ghana. a shocker in the sports world. sponsors cutva's ties with the tennis star. that and more on the way, live from paris. the european union is
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drawing closer to a deal with turkey to stop migrants getting to greece. in one key point in the draft deals, turkey says it would take back any and all economic migrants who land in europe in exchange for the resettlement of the same number of syrian refugees from turkey. turkey wants up to twice the 3 billion euros in aid already on the table, plus, visa-free travel for turks this summer. the turkish prime minister met with alexis tsipras. despite current optimism, our brussels correspondent said there is a long way to go. >> it is not even a real deal as of yet. after the talks in brussels yesterday, it was stress that this is a agreement -- this is an agreement reached in principle. a big question mark over the 3
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billion euros or it as far as i know, the e.u. haschange and it is unlikely e.u. member states will be wanting to pledge money. germany's biggest question mark is over the procedures, seeing turkey take back the economic, a -- -- illegalar migrants. member states will be resettling people directly from turkey to you countries, but we have seen mismanagement of the location. it hundred people have been relocated. at least 3000 people have been resettled directly from turkey lastebanon in jordan since july. this topic will be politically explosive, and it will take a lot of details to be worked out and a lot of debate at national
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levels. we have heard so much criticism from ngo's in the last three months about the e.u. handling of the crisis. see thel be waiting to legal routes being formed to bring people safely into the european union, fleeing. of the u.n. head refugee agency has already expressed his concerns over the deal. speaking today on swiss radio, he said some refugees who could be sent back lack protection due to their nationality, particularly those from afghanistan, iran, and iraq. he also said what he called this quick fix on migration does not look to be balanced enough to ensure the necessary protection of refugees. news for yourld now. the u.s. says air raids have killed at least 150 islamic militants in somalia. the pentagon says it bonded
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al-shabaab training center on saturday. the u.s. military had been monitoring the camp for several weeks before the strike and gathered intelligence, including about an imminent threat to u.s. african immigrant forces nearby. here is josh earnest. fighters who were scheduled to leave the camp pose a threat. their removal, the removal of those terrorist fighters degrades al-shabaab impossibilities to meet the fightersthe terrorist removal degrades auch of bob's abilities to meet the -- the number of fighters who were killed in the operation, or onther this had any impact any civilians who may have been in the area. genie: at least 55 people were
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killed near tunisia possible to with libya monday. that is after dozens of islamic militants launched a coordinated attack on police and army posts on the border town. the fighting went on all day, and the attack was finally repelled, but seven civilians and several soldiers lost their lives. tunisia's prime minister called it an unprecedented attack, saying it was an attempt by islamic state to carve out a new stronghold on the border. we have discovered who is behind the attacks. killed,he terrorists four of them are tunisian. at the moment we are working to identify the nationalities of the other 36 individuals. some have entered from libya. others were already in tunisia. the operation we carried out last night finished this morning, and we are still gathering all of the information. it has been two years to
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the day since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared en route from kuala lumpur to beijing. the search for the missing plane is due to officially end in june, but the families of those on board are demanding answers and certainly do not want to see the case closed as a mystery. our correspondent reports. >> malaysia's parliament holds a minute of silence as the country marks two years since the disappearance of mh 370. for the loss of their loved ones. >> for the victims families, the words were found empty. two years on, they are still waiting for news of the 239 missing people, most of them chinese. on monday, relatives of a dozen passengers filed a lawsuit in
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beijing against malaysia airlines, boeing, and the engine maker rolls-royce. >> we will find out the truth through legal means and look at the responsibilities that the airline company failed to fulfill. we are not asking for compensation because there is no evidence to show that the plane crashed and the people died. in the two years since the accident, malaysian authorities have repeatedly come up with news that the plane has crashed and then gone and denied the reports. >> despite months of extensive search over the southern indian ocean, nobodies or wreckage have been found. suspected debris has washed out, first on the french island of reunion last summer, then in mozambique last week. the man who spotted the debris there joined a remembrance ceremony in cologne on poor. -- in kuala lumpur. >> i am here today because i care about this plan and making sure that the search goes on, to give the families the answers that they deserve. >> this search, however, is due
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to come to an end this summer. the families demand that it continue and that the case not be closed as an aviation mystery. genie: in california there was a train accident that left at least nine people hurt. the front car of a commuter train plunged into a swollen creek after a fallen tree reportedly derailed that train monday night during crews had to toht the fast-moving current rescue riders on the partially submerged railcar. he first two cars went off the track east of san francisco. in the race to the white house, four more states are voting in primaries today, including the first industrial state to do so, michigan. but the one man who thought he would throw his hat into the ring as an independent has now decided not to run. that is former new york city mayor michael bloomberg paid he made the announcement monday,
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throwg that his bid would the white house to tall trunk or ted cruz. the owner of the zoo in southern gaza is putting his last surviving animals up for sale because he can no longer afford to feed them. the animals are victims of gaza's shattered economy. forepaws vets from visited it last month and called it one of the worst zoos in the world. deer, a crocodile. when they were alive, these animals were a top attraction in gaza. their owner could no longer afford to feed them, so he stuffed them, hoping children would come to pet them. but they are now just a mummified reminder of the zoo's better days. these wolves are amongst the survivors the owner is hoping to sell. >> we are selling the animals
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because of financial difficulty. we cannot provide food or anything from them -- for them because of the blockade. >> families with schoolchildren used to visit the zoos, and at best there were 200 animals here. many were smuggled into gaza through underground tunnels. but life for animals and people has gotten even harder since the two-month war in july and august of 2014. the smuggling tunnels were destroyed. the gaza blockade prevents goods from coming in and out of the palestinian territory, and the war heard the french economy. this tiger has not eaten in four days. the owner hopes by selling him he can save him. today, march 8, is international women's day. events are being held around the world to honor women and the struggles they face every day. case in point, now with a tv
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show in ghana, it has been called africa's version of "sex and the city." a women's struggle that some might call silly but it is a struggle nonetheless. it is a hit online show called "african city." our correspondent told us more. >> this is the story of an african city. , the story, the lives, loves, and libidos of five african women. >> i don't know, i lived to talk about it. >> you do, girl. >> it is an online sensation with more than 2 million views. >> do you have a picture of june -- you have a picture of jesus over there on the wall that looks like brad pitt. >> a fresh perspective on african life. women who are seeing themselves reflected on tv --
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young, modern, working. if you hear any stories coming out of africa -- to see dynamic women on tv, it is definitely good. follows ghanaian women is reliving there or born overseas. wasiles and miles away, it obvious i truly belongs to it. >> that is a feeling many people identify with. >> my favorite comment on youtube is a woman who wrote, "i am puerto rican, born in new york, but i live in italy. what do i have in common with all these women? everything." >> the program has not been without its critics. single women having sex has some
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conservative christians upset in ghana. to have ao crucial conversation about that, and if the society and culture in ghana, where women are shamed or judged for having sexuality -- >> susan two has their season two has more sex and soul-searching, all in killer heels. aree: the e.u. and turkey moving closer to what is being called a breakthrough on the migrant crisis. key points include the return of all new migrants crossing from turkey and the resettling of syrian refugees on a one-to-one basis. to the day after flight mh 370 went missing without a trace, the victims' families are faced with a deadline on whether to settle or sue. and this march 8 is international women's day. events are being held around the world to honor women and the struggles they face every day.
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now for our business news with stephen carroll. hi, stephen. tennis staring with maria sharapova, who is seeing her sponsors leave one after the other after she failed a drug test in australia. --phen: reassure up ella maria sharapova is the world's best paid female athlete. the tennis star says she has been taking a drug for medical reasons for the past 10 years and was not aware that it had been added to a list of banned drugs in january she has been suspended by the international tennis federation. as a result, her sponsors have been quick to react -- nike, porsche have all cut ties with the start. nike said it was saddened and surprised by the news. a sport magazine estimates that her endorsement deals are worth $20 million, much more than she earned in prize money. other big-name brands associated with maria sharapova included racketvian, and a tennis
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company. genie: bracing for strikes and protests tomorrow over the change in labor law. it is being led by the student unions -- by a student union. talks are continuing between workers represented in the government today, and little progress has been reported so far. among other measures, the reforms will make it easier for struggling companies to fire workers. said it isonomist needed. >> in 2009 there was a recession in france. we lost seven times more jobs than germany. why? because we do not know how to adapt a little. germany has the opportunity to let some employees go, and due to economic reasons, negotiate on working conditions. either we double down or do
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nothing. stephen: other issues causing controversy in the proposals is a cap on the compensation for unfairly who have been dismissed. those who have been through the process say they rely on these payouts. our correspondent has the story. >> behind these gates rely the rick nash behind these gates lie the remains -- 250 people were employed here up until 2010. he worked for 26 years for the company and sue the company over redundancy. >> it is a question of justice. nothing changed. i do not know how they can fire us in this way. of hisnd hundreds colleagues filed a collective suit against the company. four years later the judge ruled that their dismissal was unfair. he was awarded two years,
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350,000 euros. 3 million euros were paid across the board. in the future, such payouts will be capped. be 15 months'll salary, and that is for people who have worked at a company for over 20 years. he and his colleagues are against this. living on benefits in an area with a 12 -- with a 12% unemployment rate, they say their payout helps cover living costs. wouldd the law if passed decrease his negotiating power. >> you can no longer trust judges to appreciate the losses workers face when laid off. >> legal action like this means employers are fearful of hiring workers per it with one in 10 out of a job naturally -- with one intent out of a job nationally, that is something the company cannot afford. a great day in european markets. we are seeing hefty folds across
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in china, causing concern for investors, particularly with exports, which fell by the most in six years. in february, mining companies feeling the pinch today. angela merkel at 8% in london. it is a good day and -- it is a good day for burberry after a report of a takeover bid. genie: you have the story of a band that decided to shun spotify in order to boost their album sales. stephen: it is a bit of a gamble for lesser established names, but the british band from 1975 went down that road. they sold their outcome on spotify for two weeks to boost sales. it was a risky move. 75 million users globally -- it seems to have fort for the 1975. -- it seems to have worked for the 1975.
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it will be interesting to see if other groups pick up on that same strategy or a stephen carroll, thank you for that look at business news. it is time now for the press review. catherine viette is with us. lots of focus today on the breakthrough draft deal between the e.u. and turkey for the migrant crisis. catherine: we are going to start with the turkish front pages of the papers there. a headline, "turkey's demands green light from the e.u.," and it shows the turkish prime minister shaking hands with the president of the eu parliament. of course, all smiles here. on the front page of another turkish daily, it features a family photo op with all e.u. officials and the turkish prime minister. smiling once again because basically in the negotiations
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turkey has had the upper hand here in asking for additional 3 billion euros and no visas for its citizens to come to the e.u. genie: what about the british press? they seem to be less positive in their coverage today. catherine: it has. there is a photo of a boy trapped in barbed wire, and it says he is somewhere along the greece-macedonia border. the headline, "refugees caught in the middle as e.u. haggled." the paper goes on to say that there are real fears that closing the balkan route that the migrants are using could trigger violence. if we look inside the paper, they have a shocking editorial cartoon showing the german chancellor, angela merkel, and she is kicking the syrian boy out that drowned months ago. he is tagged "return to sender," and the paper is suggesting part of the problem was merkel's
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welcoming, so the migrants are ready to make the dangerous journey and now they cannot handle it and they are closing borders. "the independent" also takes a look at the money that turkey is asking from the e.u.. already had 3 million euros to make it easier for the refugees in the country. this is an additional 3 billion that turkey has asked for in these latest negotiations, and it is supposed to help improve the living conditions and easy burden of any further arrivals. "independent" says these talks are more about pride and not money for turkey. it says that behind the smiles is a tug-of-war going on on how to use the cash. the e.u. wants to manage the through its agency, so already there is a bit of a conflict. the paper says this is supposed to help keep those in turkey happy enough to stay there, but
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if europe and turkey cannot agree on how best to support them, then it is not looking too good. genie: germany has a big role to play in the migrant crisis p what has the german media been saying? saysine: one headline turkey surprised europe, and they go on to say that three months ago the e.u. and turkey had forged an action plan on how to handle the refugee crisis, but turkey has been making additional demands and proposals, and it came as a surprise to negotiators, pushing talks into overtime. genie: a french leaning paper has been dating a grim paper. catherine: they say they greece will become like one large refugee camp, and the germany has lost its battle for the e.u. to be welcoming new arrivals and says the e.u. is putting all its eggs in turkey's basket, counting on them to absorb the throw -- to absorb the flow. internationals
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women's day. how is it being celebrated in the papers? this festival of femininity, as the article says, womenback to 1909, when across america marched for better working conditions and voting rights. international women's day was born two years later after a more global celebration was suggested. found this rather interesting. some countries, rj is a record -- march 8 is a recognized holiday, and that is the case in russia and vietnam. genie: men are celebrating it in a novel way. is an initiative to raise awareness about's violence against women are they are asking men to wear lipstick and have their picture taken and posted on the internet through and the photo they have is a
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socialist party mp from last year. you can see he has the red lipstick there. but moving on to a more serious ,ote, looking at working women who has concluded that there is no real improvement for women in the workplace. it says that the global wage gap between men and women is estimated to be around 23%. it says women are overrepresented in the informal economy and the first to end up underemployed. if current trends continue, it will be more than 70 years before the difference disappears completely. you have something completely different from "the wall street journal." this was rather interesting. i did not realize how many different conventions there are. back in 1939 with the first world science fiction convention -- i say most people know the international comic-con convention in san diego.
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"the wall street journal" calls it the rise of the cons -- as in conventions, not con artists. there is a con for you. exercise buffs can go to fit con. paranoia con, first. -- for conspiracy theorists. people are craving meeting in real life in person, and it is big business. the san diego convention center said that comic-con brought in $136 million. genie: thanks so much, catherine viette per you have been watching "france 24." check us out online. coming up after the break, two years to the day after flight mh 370 went missing without a trace, the victims' families are faced with a deadline on whether to settle or suit. reaction from beijing after this.
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